I was saying to D today how good he is at communicating without really saying a word. He's not unfriendly, it's just that he seems to be able to tell everyone everything in nods and grins. I mentioned this to L, and she said yes, it's the way of the Dylan. I confirm my case, he is a spy in our midst. I was saying to D that you know you're really good at guitar, and where did you learn it? He said he was self-taught. I said wow that's amazing. I self-teach myself things too. He said what are you teaching yourself at the moment? I said cooking.

D is an interesting char. You know when I mention DL, it's usually L, not because there is no D, but because D has this silent way of the ninja about him. I think maybe it's a mechanic thing, I don't know. I guess when you work on cars all day, they don't talk back to you. Usually. The D and M have a lot of D and M going these days at the instead, L joins in at times too. Pita seemed really interested to talk to Mary until she started giving her advice about things she had no idea about. For example, did you know that if you're struggling with a high temperature, you probably need radiator fluid rather than cough syrup. It's true. I was talking to Pita today, and asking her about what she usually does in her spare time. She said she keeps practising her singing, which I think is already pretty good, apart from that she catches up with her sisters. I guess that's because they tend to outrun her. I wouldn't know, I'm an only child. I said Pita, where do you come from in Sparrow Falls? We've never caught up, are you friends with someone here? She said oh yes, I'm a school friend of Susan's. I said oh, that's neat. Were you good friends in school, or did you become better friends after? She said they were close friends for a few years, they had maths class together, and art and also that most evil of classes, sports. I asked her if she was Russian. She said no. I said you are now officially in the Livi Friends Club. She said what's wrong with Russians? I said don't ask. We talked then a while about our school days, and some of the things and subjects we did. Pita is now a kindergarten teacher, and I can kind of see that in her, I can see her being good with kids. I don't know how I would do in that, or being a science teacher like Kingsley. So today class, Microwaving 101 with Professor Paige...

It got late really early, which is weird. I mean it never gets early really late. We were all talking about what to do, and D mentioned stargazing. Now I have to say, and I'm sorry I thought this, that I didn't think D was the stargazing type. I thought he was all lets fix this, torque wrench size eighty-five, twenty eight metric tons of force... but I was wrong. L said oh yes we've been to a planetarium together, he invited me. I thought to myself you know how often I treat people like cartoon characters. I asked forgiveness for that. It was refreshing to be reminded that we're all these strange human creatures crafted by his hand. As I've got to know them, I've realized that more and more. I don't know why this thought has hit me so late. But there you go. So we all agreed pretty quickly, and I said Kingsley you seem like the science kind of guy to know, when do the stars come out? I mean they're always out, aren't they, but there's this blue thing overhead during the day. He said before midnight, late night would be fine. Here out in the middle of nowhere the stars would be pretty good.

And they were. We all walked down together past the kids and onto the hill, except I stopped, turned around and said to Mary, "Mary, do you want to join us stargazing?" She said "Livi I would love to." And so I hopped in and drove her down to where the rest were sitting, and parked her there on top of the hill. She said "Livi what are stars?" I said "Mary they are great big balls of fire." She said "like the one in your apartment?" I said "what great big ball of fire in my apartment?" She said "you know, the one with the rhubarb-and-cherry froyo, and the extra tinfoil." I said "Mary, we are not going to mention that." So as the stars came out we sat together there, me, Mary, DL, Pita, Kingsley, and Susan, and we saw the Milky Way. I didn't realize how milky it was, but out here it's not the lite version you get in the city, no this is full fat. We saw the stars, all the stars I have never seen before in the city, and I said to myself oh how stupid I was to sit inside all the time I've been here in the Falls and not see this great part of creation. It was fantabulistic! Beyond all things I could imagine. I mean, to think of how many stars there were! Count them all, I remember one particular man being told, so shall your descendants be. And as I sat there on the hill and looked up, I thought to myself, well if even the stars are beyond our understanding, what about the one who made them all?

- Livi.