This morning we were playing charades. How the game works is that you get a piece of paper, cut it up into ribbon type shapes, and write a random word or object on each, then put it all into a hat. Or a fruit bowl, because no one here had a hat. So I picked out the first piece of paper, and said to Pita, now what are the rules again? She said no spelling out letters, and also no speaking. I said oh right. Now what I drew was a Mary. I laughed, thus voiding the silence rules, then thought to myself oh no who wrote this down, and how do I even pretend I'm an anthropomorphic car? So I got down on all fours, and was going to make an engine sound, but remembered that was not allowed, so what I did was basically crawled around and pretended to open doors. It wasn't very good I guess, because L thought I was a monkey. Then when I revealed who it was, everyone laughed. However then Mary heard her name and said what are you doing can I join too? And I said Mary we're playing charades, but you have to be silent and pretend you're something else. She said oh I can do that Livi. And Pita said oh we don't mind Mary joining, so I kind of couldn't explain what they were in for. Mary drew a paper. Well, actually I drew it and showed it to her. Then she proceeded to flash her headlights at random times. I had the thought you know the one thing she could actually do is Morse code, but then that does away with the no spelling things out rule. So Pita took a few guesses, like a bus, a person, and the prime minister. To be honest, I'm not sure where she got those from, and when I later asked her, neither did she. Eventually all of us gave up, and Mary said well it was a lizard of course. So we all looked at each other and said ohhhh right of course, nodding our heads very slowly. Then we got onto the next round pretty quickly. L took a slip (she wasn't hurt too badly though) and started spinning one hand with the fingers facing up in a circle. She did this for a while as nobody could quite guess, so I broke the silence and said well I guess it's a lizard. Apparently it was a pizza-spinner. You know how they traditionally spin the pizza dough.

Now on the second round I got "Sparrow Falls." I'm not sure who wrote that, but you may as well guess how I went. How would you have gone about acting it out? Let's say by the end of the round I was truly exhausted and had congratulated myself on being so effective at stand-up without saying a word.

- Livi.