Dear God, thank you for walks. I'm so stupid sometimes that I stay indoors when there is this incredibly fantastic world out there. The garden here is full of life, birds and everything, but what just astounded me was all the plants. Somehow, every time I'm in nature I feel home. Not that home isn't home, but there's something in the trees and breeze (not bees) that makes me feel alive. I don't know what it is. I know you first put Adam in a garden. I wonder if we're all just longing for that home.

Today I was out walking at the back of the homestead, where the forest trail is. I was first thinking to myself, wow how wonderful this is, and then second, wait are there bears here? and then I remembered Susan had specifically said the woods are safe for walking in, so I went back to enjoying myself. Or maybe she's just a secret ninja. I was there, and there were trees on my left, and trees on my right (you get that on trails), and I think some of them were maples, and some of them were oak or birch. And though I kind of miss the autumn colors, there was something absolutely incredible about the way the sunlight filtered through the leaves (they remove chlorine and fluoride too) and just kind of dappled the path. I just stood there a moment watching my hands being in shadow one moment and light the other, and it just seemed all so kind of imaginative, like in a dream or something. I don't know. Do you ever have those moments where you feel like you're out of time? And not just because you have dimensionating powers like me. But most of life is pretty routine, and then wow. Also whoa. Not that I'm ungrateful for normal life, but things like this suddenly hit you, you say ouch, and then you go back to your day, but keep thinking about that moment out of time. Or in time, but when time feels like it goes so slowly, or doesn't even matter or exist because you're not thinking about time.

I was walking back, and I was thinking about Des, but I wasn't at all unhappy. I was imagining him strolling in the coolness of a garden beside Someone I have yet to meet.

- Livi.