So most of today just fell to talking. Some days you have like that where just being with like-minded friends is the best thing in the world. We didn't do too much, although there were a few things including the Dylanator thrashing some riffs (on his acoustic) and Kingsley singing. More on that later.

Kingsley is actually just coming to the end of his four year course in teaching. He hopes to be a middle school teacher with a focus on science. Now my memories of science are a bit mixed, you see, that while although my Scotch professor was a great teacher, the practical element involved using bunsen burners and magnesium something a rather, and well to mix in some shortening, I am good at theory. I can actually see Kingsley being a teacher though, he has this quiet patience, and yet being very friendly, and doesn't tend to freak out at anything. Hm, maybe I could be a good teacher too. If he fails that, he should go for professional chess player. Every time he beats Dylan, and every time Dylan says he realized what he did wrong. I know too. He played Kingsley. After the conversation between Dylan and Kingsley died down a bit, he asked if anyone of us girls was up for a match. I said I like chess, but it's a Livi version. He said well, I don't mind a few house rules. D said Kingsley, this woman is Olivia Paige, who invented fencing with froyo, sardines, and oversized baguettes. He said oh. Rita also had the eyebrow thing going again. I think she should get that checked out.

Susan and I zipped off around eleventeen o'clock to get some lunch. Actually, I should say to make some lunch, because the instead is pretty far from The Complex. Also, when I say WE made lunch, what I really mean is that I fiddled around with the microwave functions for half an hour. It has popcorn mode. I was thinking I wonder what happens if I fill the whole thing with popcorn kernels by tipping it on its back, then close the door, and hit go. But Susan was watching, and the popcorn, tinfoil, and sparklers had all disappeared from the pantry overnight. I went up to Susan, and said I really like this instead, it's a nice instead, instead of my flat I mean. Thanks for inviting me, and by the way are some items missing from the pantry? She said you're welcome, and dodged the second question. I said do you see Sauntie often, is she renting this place often? She said oh yes, me and Sauntie are on good terms and conditions with one another, actually when I was young we used to go walking back in the forests often, and I would pick up the nuts and acorns and collect them, pretending I was a squirrel. I said I used to do that with fans. Susan laughed, then told me about her and Sauntie still catch up for coffee at Mr. Marcon's or elsewhere coffee is served, it seems Sauntie is also a coffee person. She said her and Sauntie used to do a lot of craft together until recently. What does Sauntie do for work, I said. Susan said she doesn't work anymore. I said oh fair enough. Susan seemed to not talk too much after that, so we went on making our lunch, which was sandwiches. Susan said Livi Sauntie's pretty sick, I don't even know how long I'll have left with her. I said is it serious, that sounds bad. She said yes its cancer, and I just kind of realized Susan was carrying this whole thing all this week and I didn't even know. I said Susan I'm so sorry to hear. She smiled and said well, she's content here or there you know, but I'll miss her, it's just that I can't imagine not catching up with her every few days. Susan looked at me, and I half smiled, and we just kind of sat down, the lunch we left half made for a while. I said I know it's not the same, but I got pretty close to Des at the end of my time at the store, he was almost like a grandpa or something to me. It just felt so wrong finding him gone. I'd like to say that it was okay, but it sure didn't seem that way at the time. Susan said that wasn't too long ago, are you okay? I said you know what I am, although there's still this sadness that never really leaves. I'm actually happy when I think of him, because I know he's at peace. It's only me I'm sad for, really. Sorry, I don't know if that's what you want to hear. Susan smiled and said you know it's okay, that's why I wanted to talk to you, because you know. I'm glad you could be honest about how terrible it felt. I said Susan get an anthropomorphic car, and have it ship you random items. That will make you laugh and feel better. She said what is that what Mary did? I said yep, and it worked. But don't rely on Mary for food, she has no idea what people eat. Susan said really? What sort of things did she order you? I said celery, and the entire spice production of the nation of India.

When we returned with lunch, the Pita, the Kingsley, DL, and Mary were hungry too, so we went back to the kitchen and made more sandwiches. Mary didn't get any, in case you're wondering. It was around this time that we discovered the D has a secret talent, which is playing guitar. He is so good that he can make a wah effect on his nylon acoustic. I said to L is that what got your attention at first? She said yes, that and the fact that he fixed my car. I said what was wrong with your car? She said it had no pedals. I said hmm that is impressive. So there the Dylanator (stage name) was thrashing his guitar, when all of a sudden Kingsley began to sing. And I don't mean dying cat on a trombone, I mean actual singing. And then what do you know Mary joined in with her horns on the beat, and we all started singing, and it turned into kind of a wonderful evening together.

The sun set, and I said to myself, what do you know this actually feels kind of a home instead.

- Livi.