I think that's where the word homestead came from. Someone said "this is my home instead" and eventually someone mixed in shortening. The drive up was beautiful, it reminded me of when I first came to the Falls, how we drove through all those fields, and some with red flowers, and my heart just sung. It's just as beautiful here at the home instead, it's kind of like a country villa here. Is that short for village? Maybe villa's not the word I'm after. It's a place near the woods. If you can imagine it, there's a big old wood slash forest behind the house, and in front are these rolling kind of hills and some farm things, including goats. I kid you not. They are very friendly goats, and came up to me to say hello. Mary also said hello, but I was afraid of letting them near her, I hear the goats eat tyres. There is also a place to have a campfire here, so we're planning to do that some time as we stay.

Did I mention the people here? Well the place is Susan's auntie's. Kingsley is also here, member two of four of Clan Routine Poutine, who is apparently related to Susan, a cousin twice removed of his mother's brother's sister's mailman's fiance. The DL is also here, as well as La Cucaracha, Time Girl, and Rita, who I am told is called Pita because of her fondness for wraps. I don't blame her, though I'm more the sandwich kind of person myself. The D can only stay this first week and some random days the next, and some more people are expected to be coming and going until the second of May (today is the 20th April in case you're wondering). I have a place up on the second floor (which is floor two of two) with L, and Susan in the next room, the boys are sleeping downstairs, and I am expecting Mary to raise quite a fuss since she's sleeping outside. I'll keep you posted on the M.

I have been thinking that the Susan and the Kingsley are in desperate need of names. I mean names that aren't their real names. I tried making an acronym out of all the names we have here, but all I got was DERKSOM. Also, am needing to name the goats. Am taking votes for them.

So far I've just really unpacked, and so have all of we. Drove Mary up to the front of the home instead where the rest of the cars would be, except they took the bus, and I unloaded my things from there the room I'm sharing with L. I had the nerve to ask L today what her secret is that keeps her hair so blue, but she just laughed. So I went downstairs and spoke to D, and I said are blueberries her sole source of nutrition? I'm pretty partial to froyo myself but it hasn't changed my hair. He said he didn't actually know, and that it was a girl thing, so I should ask her. I have a theory it's cosmic radiation, and she's actually prone to dilating spacetime like me, but hasn't figured it out yet.

The D also seemed strange. He didn't have a mechanic shirt on or anything like I am used to, it made me realize how often we have this mental image of people in our minds and forget that people aren't made of copy paper. It was refreshing to look at him as a human being again, or at least mostly, he still likes sports. But he isn't Russian, so I guess that's one thing we have in common together.

- Livi.