Whatever you do, don't think of penguins. Stop thinking of them. Penguins.

Today I was kind of in pain after someone stepped on my toe, or well actually someone's walking cane stepped on my toe, if walking canes can step on toes. The person was coming towards me, and I didn't pay much attention until one of my toes felt like it had been hit with a brick. Now I understand why tradespeople wear steel cap boots. I wonder if I can get steel cap sneakers. And it hurt quite a bit, I won't lie. They apologized, and we went on our merry ways, except I wasn't merry. I thought to myself, now she saw me coming, did she purposely squish my toe? There was plenty of room, did she swerve? She didn't even ask if I was okay. And these kind of thoughts went round, and I was pretty angry at the person. And then I said to myself, well I'll just have to forget about her doing that. But my toe kept throbbing (it was okay, by the way) and it just wasn't possible to not think about my toe. I'm too attached to it. So I was angry about it for a good bit of the morning.

As I was sitting and thinking about something which I told myself I would not think about, a thought came across my mind. It was obvious. It was black and white. Hey, I told you to stop thinking about penguins. And so I said to myself, well I can't exactly ignore my toe, but I can forgive the lady. And so I did, and that helped me to realize I'm the same, especially after thinking about how many times I rode over my Dad's toes when learning to ride a bike. I'm not sure what it is that makes it so easy to get angry at foot-steppers, but forget when you do it, or overlook it. But that's why we have to remember, don't we, we're all needing mercy. We're all beggars shown bread.

What is black and white, lives in the arctic, and has two flippers?

- An Orca.