L called today with some more details about the homestead get-together next week. It seems most of Clan Routine Poutine will be there, as well as some others, DL of course included. Well, I thought, it might be a good time to refresh my mind and all, as well as enjoy some company. Since tomorrow is Sunday, which is usually busy, I decided to pack today, at least most of the things I think I'll need. L said we're all getting picked up, just make sure you're at the front of your place by 9, and I'll call you a bus. I said that's not nice, you know I'm pretty self-conscious about my figure.

I said thanks L, but I can't leave Mary here. I'm sure she'd like to go on the bus too, but I'm not sure how that would work. She's always looking forward to getting out of the garage anyhow. L said right of course, well see you Sunday. And make sure you pack a board game or something, we're all bringing one.

Or something. Do they know the kind of games I come up with?

Well, I got my suitcases together that I used for packing to move here in January. It all seems so far ago now, but opening the suitcases and repacking them brought together a lot of memories. Mostly good memories, although I am still scared of catching buses. That's another reason why I'm taking Mary, although L doesn't know that. The reserve, you know, has brought me a lot of good times, and time to pray and think or sing or take pictures on a walk, and clear out the cobwebs in the brain.

So here I am stuffing my suitcases. My method of stuffing goes as follows: fold clothes, fold towels, stack Bible and toiletries in corner of suitcase, add clothes, add towels and other clothing items, add remaining items, fail to close lid, get rid of suitcase, throw everything in car trunk.

Works every time.

- Livi.