This is the sound I need my doorbell to make, because it is the reverse of what it usually sounds. You see, I've had these annoying salespeople rock up (usually heavy rock, Norwegian death metal is a favorite) and try to offer me things I didn't know I needed, like the knowledge of how disinfectant spray A is vastly superior to disinfectant spray B, despite the fact they both kill 99.9% of germs. So I figure if my doorbell goes RING A DING A DING DONG and people appear at my door, I need to have a doorbell on the inside which goes DONG DING A DING A RING to make them disappear. Only all the manufacturers I've contacted don't sell doorbells with the push button on the interior. Maybe I've come up with a million dollar idea.

Speaking of ringing, I have been. I tried all the convenience stores in Sparrow Falls that I could find either by word of mouth, or by the big old phonebook, which is a small and new publication delivered every year. Unfortunately it seems stockists are in no short supply, or at least there is no openings at the present, or in the foreseeable future. Or they knew of powers, and have tried to avoid me. Which is the more likely scenario. Anyhow, I'm sort of enjoying the time off, there's lots to do like go to the reserve, call DL, read books, watch TV, talk to Mary, or write this blog. Blog is a funny word. Blog blog blog. It's that sound my sneakers made when I got off the canoe in aquatic trip in highschool, to find that they were hopelessly wet and covered in seaweed. Also apparently a funny word is Livi. At least that's what D and M must think, because whenever they're together I hear it, and then laughter ensues. I am intending to hire a private eye.

I'm not sure where else, or what else to call for. I thought about the bakery, but I don't know anything about making or selling bread, besides its virtues in sporting. Speaking of which, I think having the whacking bread hanging there in front of me might be too great a temptation. Livi Fencing is not meant for another year or so.

I had the idea for Livi Jousting, where two drivers hold whacking bread out from their windows and drive past each other with a target on their side mirrors. However I think Mary might go a bit too crazy, and that idea scares me. It's just good she can't drive herself.

Well it's Friday, the day after Thursday and the day before Satummmmday. In honor of which, I have gotten out all my things that can fry. Namely my wok, my pasta pot, and my bottle of canola oil. I am going to make tempura.

- Livi.