The abridged version is that Snap Fudge Bars are like Short Nap white. I was there having the last of these Snap brand fudge bars, ("oh so gooey, oh so fudgey") that was left over from my stocking days, which I had specifically told myself I wouldn't eat until tomorrow, because I had already had a chocolate bar today, and too much chocolate is bad. So I told myself well I'll not eat it, this fudgey, gooey bar, tomorrow I'll eat this fudgey, gooey bar. I'll eat the bar with crisp wafers sandwiched between layers of fudge that snap and melt like butter in your mouth, not to mention the double-dipped Swiss milk chocolate.

I told myself, no, I'll save it for tomorrow. But I'll just have a look at it, you know, just to remember what the packaging looks like. And then I was staring at the 65g plasti-foil wrapped wonderbar of wonderland, and it sparkled and looked so tasty.

But I told myself no, I'm still saving it for tomorrow, I'll just have a look at the ingredients and the description. I can't quite remember the jingle. Oh yeah, "Oh so gooey, oh so fudgey." Mmmm.

So I told myself well I love the smell of the chocolate, I'll just open it but won't actually eat it, I mean the wrapper is right there. So I opened the thing of thingness, and wow the caramel slash fudge slash chocolate wafted into the air of The Complex, flavoring the air I couldn't actually eat with its delicious aroma.

Then I looked down at my fingers and said oh whoops now I've got chocolate on my fingers, I better make sure this doesn't melt before tomorrow.

It didn't. I ate it.

- Livi.