I just had a good old chin-wag to Mary today, and we also went for a drive. I said you know what, I don't miss my job as much as I thought I would, now that I've kind of moved on. Maybe God has something better, or different, in store for me. I didn't even dare mention my thought about moving back to the city, as I know it wasn't Mary's choice to come to Sparrow Falls. But I think it was a passing thought, I've really come to believe I'm meant to be here, like L said. Actually I'm glad I've met the DL. Mary said what are you going to do, I said I don't know but what experience I have is mainly stocking shelves, or else breaking things. She said that's true, you should find a job in that. I said who is going to pay me to break things for them? Mary said I would if I had the money. I said aww Mary thanks.

She started talking a bit about the oil again, and then I skilfully dodged and avoided the question of hyperthrusters and rocket packs like an Irish Setter dodging bathtime (I don't actually know what breed that is). I thought to myself Mary sure is scary sometimes. Then I asked her what her favorite places were in Sparrow Falls to drive. She said not the hills, since they're unpaved and hurt her princess feet. Er, wheels. Mostly the industrial area in the city. I said what do you like about the industrial area? She said they make things out of metal. I said what kind of things do you like that they make out of metal? She said she liked the robot type toys, especially the ones that talked and responded like people. She said she thought it was funny the things made out of metal talked, maybe they even thought they were people.

We pulled up to the garage again, and these days Mary seems pretty content with the fairy lights, I haven't heard any complaints about dozing off to bad sleep, or nightmares, or anything like that again. Which is good. Usually I'm there an hour or two when that happens, telling her it's only a dream, it'll be ok, it'll be ok. I'll sleep here for a while with you. Gosh, I sound like a Mom. Am I? I'm not, am I?

I started talking about some different things, like my photography, which I'll take up again now. I said to her I hadn't even taken any pictures the last what a week or something, and that I was sorry she didn't go out for a drive. She said it's ok, I know you weren't feeling good. Then I started getting on to telling her about the hilarious parcels, and like how one of them contained nothing but celery, I mean it seemed as if the sender had no idea what humans eat. I laughed, but Mary didn't seem to get the joke.

Then I said wait uh Mary this is going to sound strange, really strange... um, I don't guess you know anything about the parcels that have been coming in my mailbox? She said maybe. I said but it can't be you. She said why not? I said was it? She said Livi I know you were feeling really bad, and didn't even have enough food, so I decided to order you some. I said but Mary how do you pay for it all? She said on my credit card. I said what! how did you get a credit card? She said I have a good score.

That wasn't what I meant, but okay. Next thing I know I'll be enrolling her in college.

- Livi.