When I first heard the term, I thought it referred to some artistic method involving putting the canvases in the freezer to do something special to the frame (speaking of which, my shoe is still in there, because the cola's stuck it to the shelf). But what it actually refers to is dropping off your resume to someone you have not dropped it off to before. The opposite of this is hot canvassing, where you dislike the manager so much you have a split second change of mind and set the envelope alight while it is still in your hand. Not that that's ever happened to me.

So I thought to myself, Livi, what qualifications do you have? And I said I can microwave, and invent random sports. I can also blog, write? I can resolve rifts in the spacetime continuum. And I thought, that's my problem, I'm too specialized, I need to broaden my horizon. So I drew back the curtains, and looked out. Sparrow Falls was lovely today, as it usually is, and I started thinking seriously, I still have a half pound of hot paprika in my cupboard. Would a restaurant take this? I wonder how Mark is going tracking down the other Livis. Maybe I should take up the cape again so he doesn't have to do it all himself. But I said no I have to concentrate now. And maybe these last packages are just residual from the last spacetime vortex. But I was actually pretty glad for them, as I was in too much of a fog to be able to go and buy food at the shops without freaking out. That random food actually got me through a day and a half, supplementing what else I had or people brought to me. I was just thinking that thought exactly when the doorbell rang, so I laughed. I said hold on a minute Mark I'll be right there. Sure enough it was five to five.

Mark said hi Miss Paige I'm very sorry but it appears the tape came off the lid in transit, nothing fell out, or was touched, but I apologize your box is open. And he looked down at the box, and I looked into it as well. It was four tomatoes, a bottle of soy sauce, a TWO POUND PACK of black peppercorns, and some cheese. He must have had the same thought as I did, "who the heck is buying all these things, and do they know what humans eat?" I said uh thanks Mark, some of this I think is a joke from a friend, also called Olivia Paige. He just smiled and went.

I went back to my refrigerator and unpacked the tomatoes and cheese. At least they will be helpful. But I already have soy sauce, and TWO POUNDS OF BLACK PEPPERCORNS? What is my alternate-universe twin thinking? For that matter, what was I thinking? I was thinking hmm I'm hungry, I need to make some food, and meanwhile the ingredients I had was four tomatoes, soy sauce, cheese, TWO POUNDS OF BLACK PEPPERCORNS, and paprika. I said to myself I'll go to the shop. And that is what I did.

- Livi.