The thing about tomorrow is that it always comes. Now I remember one of my aunties saying that the best day to start a diet is tomorrow, and I always thought that was funny. But it's kind of true. I mean, although tomorrow's over THERE, it will be here before I know it. So I can't just keep sitting here not doing anything. Although I've been working through things. What a saying. I'm not even working anymore. But you know, he's gone, I'm here, I've got to keep on working until That Day. Because tomorrow comes.

I'd like to share a point with you (don't prick yourself). I've been mostly at home a couple days or longer, who knows, and it's been good actually to come to terms and conditions on the whole thing. I'd like to say that I'm not sad anymore, but I kind of am. There's a part of me, kind of like a left pinkie toe, that people say you don't actually need, and it's true but you feel it sometimes and again when you go to walk. Des has arrived at his destination, he's complete. I haven't yet, so I'm not. But I've got to remind myself that "because he lives, I can face tomorrow." And actually, all this thing about being temporary and not being happy reminds me that we're meant to be permanent, and God will make us permanent. I mean we are permanent, but our world and everything isn't. We're passing through. So I guess I write this all to say that I'm still actually pretty sad, but my brain is definitely thinking on lasting things above.

Today there was a sun shower. Now when I was young I was terrified and thought my school teacher meant a solar storm, so I went to hide under my desk. However what it actually means is that while the sun is out, you can see showers. It's true, when it was sunny I went to my local furniture store and saw ones with glass doors, ones with tiles...

Now the next thing on my agenda is to call for work. But what? I had the job lined up at the store before I moved. Oh not months of job hunting again is my first reaction. God show me to the right place. Maybe I prayed for patience.

DL called today on one phone call on loud speaker. Why they call it that I have no clue, because it was pretty muffled. They said hi Livi, how are you? And we talked a good while about some things in particular, and I mentioned showers and did they see any? They said yes, we can see one in the distance. D said can you see one? I looked in my bathroom, and I looked out the window, and I said I see two.

The second reason they called was to ask if I might be interested in coming to the homestead place they were talking about on the 20th, but I couldn't before because I was working. They said they had all taken leave, most of them one week, some of them two, the place was owned by an auntie of Susan's (now known as Sauntie) and was often rented out. I said you know what that sounds fantabulistic. She said stupenderiffic! I said wonderfrubble! D said what are you two on?

So until then I'll be making calls, I guess. Or checking newspaper ads. Or driving about randomly. Or just being random in general. Which is good, because I don't often get a chance to do that.

- Livi.