Forget everything. That was how I felt when I woke up today, and if it wasn't for my morning devotions I've gotten into a pattern of having, I would have stayed that way. Thank God for devotions. I couldn't think or really do anything properly today, the world just felt like it was spinning, and I looked at the clock and it said three am. Then I looked outside, and noticed the sun was shining. I temporarily freaked out and thought to myself oh no have I induced a time paradoxes again? But apparently you don't save money on buying cheap batteries. Also another thing you don't save money on buying is discount groceries, but I won't go into the details just now. Let's just say that the food I had remaining in my fridge did not whet my appetite.

I can't even remember what I did today. I remember talking to Mary, and looking out the window. There wasn't much to see out of what I normally see, but I did see some cars go by, and I said to myself I should open the garage for Mary to look out. But I don't think I did. I remember next walking in the reserve, and saying to L and D what a nice day this is, let's go have some sheeshkebab, and then it started raining frogs. Most of them were green, I think, but there were some with rainbow scales, kind of like a fish. The Russians were having a competition about who could catch the most of them in a cola can balanced on their head, when the sky went black and dinged. Suddenly the frogs stopped, and the sky dinged again. And I said to a nearby Russian, why is the sky dinging?

Then I pulled off my sheets and opened my eyes, and said aloud, STOP DINGING! But there came another ding, and I wandered to the dinging, and it was the front door. The front door said Miss Paige, and at this point everything was still fuzzy so I said door, since when have you become sentient? Tell the postman who brings my electricity bills to go away. Then the door said From Miss Paige, and I laughed, and turned the handle. I looked back at the clock. It was five to five. I said you're on the Mark. The parcel man said thanks, here's your parcel, and I took it, then Mark left.

I went inside and opened it. Was it honey? No, it was half a pound of paprika, an onion, and a jar of marmalade. I said to myself oh no the Livis are back, and they know how to cook just as well as I do.

- Livi