I was talking to Mary this morning about some of our new products. The chips in particular have just been rotated out with a new selection, and I was saying that we had some new products still on the way, probably this morning. So we drove up, I parked in the far side of the parking lot (to leave room for customers), and started walking towards the store. I saw that Des' car wasn't in the parking lot, though, as usual, so I figured he had found somewhere else to park that left the parking lot free. I decided to ask him about this, but as I got to the front of the store, he wasn't there. I had a look around, and he was nowhere, the store hadn't been touched from last night, I could tell by looking in through the roller shutters. So I waited for a bit, but after about half an hour he still hadn't come, so I thought oh no he must be really ill or something.

I went back to Mary and said hm I'm not sure what to do. I mean I know it's not my responsbility to open, I'm just an employee, but I feel bad being here, the customers are going to arrive soon. Mary said why can't you open? I said I don't have the keys or the security code for the roller shutters. How could I open it? Mary said bull bars. I said no Mary. So we sat there for a while and I thought, and decided I should call. But I couldn't get through, so I went back to the front of the store and there were some customers there. They said are you not opening this morning? I smiled as best I could and said I think Des is delayed, sorry. They said oh ok and went off eventually. I tried ringing Des again but no luck. So I went back to sit in the front seat and had a good long think. I couldn't open the store, Des was the only person I know of to call about the store. Do I know anyone who knows Des? No, I'm still pretty new to the Falls, and the people. Think Livi, think. So I thought, and I couldn't think of anything more useful than Mary's suggestion.

It was actually four hours I stayed there, coming and going between Mary and the front of the shop, apologizing to customers. I didn't know what else to do. I called L, but she said she didn't know Des, she said maybe the police? I said that seems a bit serious, what could they do? She said the police are pretty friendly and on good terms here, give them a go. So I did. I rang the police, and they answered. HiI'mLiviPaige,ImeanOliviaPaigeandIworkatthestorewhereDesdoesImeanyoudon'tknowDesbutIdoandhe'snothere Idon'tknowwhattodoorwhereheiscanyouhelpme? The line was silent a minute, then the polite lady said sorry miss, could you repeat that. I said oh sure. There'samancalledDesandheworks atthestorewhereiworkactuallyheownsthestoreandidon'tknowwhattodosincehe'snothereandhe'salwayshereandi'mworriedthathe'slikereallysickandidon'tknowwhattodo.

The lady said, oh is that the Des at the northern convenience store? I'll have my people check on him. Thank you miss. And then the conversation shortly ended, and I held my breath wondering now what to do, and after about twenty minutes one of the officers came to me at my car and said thank you Miss Paige, Des won't be opening store today, you can return home. I said oh ok, and hopped in the front seat and drove home.

I can't really remember what I did the rest of the day, it's all been a blur. I'm going to sleep.

- Livi