All was back to normal, I went to work and we set up shop, stacked the chips and soda, and helped the customers come in. We had some new varieties and products in today that Des ordered, no froyo though unfortunately. Some new flavors of chocolate, and some long-life milk drinks. Also a couple salads in the fridge section, we've had an increase in them lately, I guess because of people going healthy for their preparations for last month. It all seems to have gone over so fast. But plenty still to do in the shop, as always.

Today I did some more spot-cleaning of some stubborn stains, the Odor-B-Gone really does work wonders. It not only de-stinks, but also de-spots. I gave the scanner a whirl today too, then Des said Livi enough whirling, but not before I whacked myself in the face. Still practicing the whole secret agent thing, you never know when it'll come in handy. Des was showing me some of the new packages that came in, and how they had to be stacked differently once they were unpacked, because of their shape. It's never something you consider much when you buy something, but all these products have to be stacked somehow, someway along the line by somewho, probably a somewho in a factory. It's actually pretty interesting, next time you walk down an aisle have a think about it and you'll see what I mean. Some products have weird shapes that don't exactly lend to being well-balanced. I prefer the term perpendicularly-challenged, myself.

That was it for the day, we packed up shop, I mean Des always stays behind for actual close, but it's virtually closing at four because there's so few customers between when I leave and when the store closes. I helped mop the last of the floor, and dusted a few cobwebs (I looked about for any spiders, but didn't find any), then packed a few crates, and Des called it a day. I said well that's it then I guess. He said I guess it is. Well thanks for helping me Livi. I said always happy to help. And then he turned around, and I saw him take out the necklace under his uniform, and I smiled and went home.

- Livi