Today everyone turned out, and I mean practically everyone. Most shops were shut, we were open only for a couple hours in the morning, but didn't get too many customers. The rest of the day everyone was at the closing festival down at the reserve. I heard there was to be fireworks, and not oven of the future size ones either, so I decided to go. Mary asked me why they don't have events with cars in them. I said it's meant to be a people event. She thought that was unfair, so I told her all about the celebrations, and how we could watch some fireworks later in the evening, I'd sit in the front seat and we'd look up at the sky. She seemed happy with that, until she got the idea into her head that people were lighting fireworks, and since they were, why couldn't she too? I said I was very concerned for her safety and that people die every year from pyrotechnics, and I care too much about her to let that happen (which is true). She said oh well maybe I don't want to light fireworks. And I said phew.

The celebrations were a lot of food, and some bouncy castles. I caught up with D and L, they said do you want to join us on the castle? It's empty for now. I said me. Jump on a bouncy castle. They said oh right. So I got some food while they were managing to coordinate their limbs, and it was shishkebab. That's what my Mom always used to say when Dad said sheesh, she'd follow it up with -kebab. But funny enough, we were never a sheesh-kebab family, more ribs or pies. Don't get me started on my gastronomic inventions. I have to say I am very impressed with whatever kind of sheesh they put into kebabs nowadays. D and L came over to me, and we had some food. I said what events have you been in this year? D said long jump, next year wife-carrying. L held his hand so I guess she trusted him and his capability for balance and carrying things. I actually have a record going for carrying things, namely the clothes on my back. Everything else get dropped, though. So as I was looking at my sheeshkebab on the ground and wondering if I should get another, D said to me how's Mary? I said contrary. He talked to me about Mary's excitement over the turbocharger, and I tried to change subject, but he seemed pretty keen on it, and truth be told, Mary seemed to actually know a bit about mechanics lately when she's been talking to me. It almost scares me. If she wasn't a car, I don't know the kind of things she'd do. So we were walking and talking, when I mentioned in passing Des would be coming to church this Sunday, and all that had gone on, and it was like a light went on in their eyes, even though they didn't know him, they were glad to hear. And we talked for a while about that before we went to get some more food, they had sliders, burgers' deconstructed cousin. You know, I've never got deconstructed food. Or maybe I have. I'm good at cooking deconstructed food. Actually that's what I'll do next time people come over for dinner. I'll whack down a pound of mince, an onion, an egg, and a bag of flour, and tell them it's deconstructed bolognese. I can cook.

What a month it's been, readers on the inter-web, or the net-web, or whatever you call it. We started on this whole thing with me hating the idea of refereeing, and running from interdimensional prison escapees, and now I have officially invented my own sport, and am comfortable in my ref powers. It's definitely been a strange and unexpected month, and one filled with more sport than I ever thought I would enjoy! Also today I caught up with the medallion-pinching James Eriksson, of kleptomania-powered leg muscles. He said he enjoyed the sprints, and also congratulated me on my new sport, Livi Fencing. I didn't actually think that would be its permanent name, but apparently it is. Oh well.

As the sun went down, we all went to our cars, D and L were parked next to Mary, so you can imagine the conversation suddenly turned to oil and turbochargers and spoilers, and I said no. I said to L, what did you get involved in? She said the shoe kick, and also the long jump with Dylan. I didn't see her at the shoe kick because she apparently came down earlier than I did, then was at work late. I talked a bit about my events, and then we all settled down to watch the fireworks together. They shot off overhead, and they were a beautiful end to our month of March.

- Livi