I was still annoyed with myself when I woke up. I wondered, why couldn't I just have L's brain? Or D's brain? Practically any brain but mine would have worked in that situation. So today nothing much eventuated, except that Des said he was going after work to watch the shoe toss event, and was I going to come too? I said sure that sounds good. Actually it did sound interesting, considering how often I have been watching the Russians kicking as they ran in practice for th is event. So I drove Mary down to the reserve grounds, and we watched the shoe kicking event. It's actually quite similar to the long jump, except that at the white line you kick your foot, and see how far the shoe flies off it. Some of them got pretty good distances. Apparently the older and more worn shoes do the best job, because they don't hold the foot very snug anymore. There were a few people including Des and I watching the event, though eventually the rest of them went over to grab some coffee and tea, and left Des and I standing. Des said it's a nice day for sporting. I didn't think any day was a nice day for sporting, but I agreed anyhow. He said how's your new phone? I said it calls people pretty good. He said oh good. Then we stood there watching for a while before he said, "you know, I've been thinking about that song you were singing yesterday. You don't know, but I was part of a choir when I was young. I left it, and all the people there when I was younger, but that's something for another time. Anyhow, you brought back to my memory the message the preacher preached that day. I hated it. It was all, Jesus this and Jesus that. I said I'm beyond all pretending now, I'm old, I've seen a thing or two. But you know... and he stood there for a while longer and we didn't say anything. I was going to say something, but Ms. Tomson came back into mind, so I made sure to shut up. I looked at him sideways, and saw that he was on the verge of tears. I said Des are you alright? He said Livi your song was right. I was remembering it just now.

We didn't say anything more, there was nothing to say. Des went home early before the event was finished, and I went home too, to pray.

- Livi