I had itching feet today, so I didn't actually go to the shops. I felt in real need of a good long walk to stretch the legs, and also to see the scenery. So I took Mary on towards the reserve, and hiked up towards the top of the hill slash mountain where I had gone first. I apologize that there will be no pictures in this blog post, but you understand. So I walked up the first hilly bit, and then past the black stepping-stone rocks up the hill, and up past the creek bit. After that it became even hillier, and here the rocks disappeared, and it was all grass up to the summit. I followed the valley from a distance, keeping to the far side of the walking trail, and eventually came out on the summit. Was it ever gorgeous. The scene stretched all around me. Behind, I could see nothing but hills stretching into the distance, and a road that went past The Wold and to the city somewhere far beyond, in front of me I could see all of Sparrow Falls. It was an amazing sight, and I watched how the roads winded, and how the houses and trees gathered together in clumps, gray and white and green, and I looked out the horizon, and couldn't see an end of it. I sighed and said, God how wonderful you are. The trees you've made, the sun, the sky, the people. It always makes me glad to see sights like these. I said, God, I'm so glad to know you. And I thought of that verse, "O Lord my God, when I in awesome wonder..." And my soul sung. I stood there on the mountain for a minute or so before I looked down on the town again, and suddenly started to feel a terrible sadness growing in my heart. I said to myself, "and how many people can sing that?" And it was if I was blind for a minute to all the marvels around me, and I looked down on the town, and said, "God, let them know you. If you can use me, although I'm pretty bonkers, use me." And a song came to my mind, "My Jesus is a Rock in a Weary Land."

And as I walked down, I finally saw the falls on the return track. It was gushing, I assume from a spring, straight out of the flinty rock.

- Livi