Except today's Sunday, which is always a good but full day. No problems, I don't get calls on Sundays usually anyhow. Today after the service some of the people were retouching the kitchen area. They had explicitly told us they were painting after the service today, and I was standing there watching them. Did you know paint rollers have naps? It's true, ask a painter. Some have long naps, others have short ones. Well there they were painting, and I thought to myself, how long does paint take to dry? And I wonder if these painters prefer long or short naps? One of the painters said that the paint should take between two and three hours probably in this weather. Then he said definitely a short nap for this job. I jumped back. These painters could read minds! Are all painters telepathic? What, did they get bitten by spiders too? For some reason they stared at me, then said not that they knew of. Susan said Livi, you're talking to yourself again. I jumped back even more. How did she know?

After a while the painters left the room, I assumed to have a short nap, but apparently they were going to go flush. I said I think that's over-sharing. By this time it was only me and the walls. They were very white walls, the Pantone color of which I have decided is called Short Nap. I was thinking about the sermon, and at this time became a bit more serious in reflecting on my own life, specifically what kinds of temptations I was prone to. Worrying, one. I couldn't really think of a second. So I thought of a minute, and then another minute. After about three minutes I realized how glossy Short Nap was. It was like a magazine. I said to myself maybe that's what L sees all day. And I realized I could partly see my reflection in the paint, if I got really close. Like a really bumpy mirror, and I thought to myself, I wonder if I can see my eyes. Wait Livi they said to stay away, it's wet paint. No it's ok Livi, you're not actually touching it, so it's okay. You're just having a really good close look. So I inspected the wall, and what do you know it was actually kind of mirror like in a not very mirror like way. I could kind of see the outline of my head, all yellow in the paint, and then I said to myself, can I see any of my features? Then it all came to a head. Specifically mine. By "it all" I mean the paint. I think I kind of lost balance or something. I wasn't purposely going to touch it or anything, you can't blame me for this, they can just cover it up right? With more paint?

As I was saying this to myself, I went to wipe the sweat off my head, and the sweat was Short Nap white. I said that could be anything. Milk splashed from my coffee. They won't know. So I went and had a biscuit to calm down, and dipped it in my mug. When I went to eat it, the bottom half of my biscuit had magically disappeared, like my sanity. I said to myself, I have to make an exit. But the door went out into the auditorium. L came in. She said hi Livi. I said hi. She said um I'm over here. I said ok sure. I'm just inspecting this wall. So L came over to look at it too. She said why is there a face-print in the wall? Then she looked at me.

To say I was ashamed is a bit of an understatement. I think I color matched Pantone Red Tomato. But I've been thinking about what L did next all night (as I've been scrubbing my face). She said you know the painters have left? I said I know. She said you know they've actually gone home? I just looked at the ground. She said the cleaning team are all coming in now to pack up. I said well it's my fault, I didn't listen. She put a hand on my shoulder, nodded, then went out. I heard her tell the people coming in that she was going to pack up the kitchen herself, so they went to clean the other parts. L came back and said I think you should go now. So I went out the door. As I was going out, I heard her call out to Dylan, and ask him to come help her patch some bits the painters missed. Meanwhile I jumped into the front seat, and drove home.

- Livi