I have a confession to make. I didn't take the phone out. Now, you see, L had called my landline because apparently she couldn't get through to my freezer, so I figured since it was dead, there wasn't much point, and besides, the shoe is now in permafrost. But the other one is fine. I'll just go about with one shoe.

L called since she was talking to D and he mentioned that Mary was booked in today (no, I didn't forget, Mary wouldn't let me), and L said that since she wasn't able to call last night, did I want to catch up for dinner? I said oh no is dinner at my house? She said no I have lots from yesterday if you don't mind leftovers. I didn't. So I drove down to Sparrow Auto super early (L starts early too), and all the way Mary was telling me about different kinds of oil. She was telling me about this XK-45L oil (or something like that), and the RT-95 (I'm just making this up here), and how Dylan and her were working on figuring out the best possible oil for her system. Mary said she was going to go extra fast with it. I said that's not how oil works. She said what do you know about oil? Now there she had me pretty good. I knew olive oil is good for cooking. Anyhow, we arrived, and the La Cucaracha band also arrived, and I thanked Dylan, and L took me to work.

L was talking a bit about her job at the publishing/distribution firm, and how today she was in charge of making sure their new publication was distributed right. She said oh I was planning on asking you yesterday, I know you have work and everything, but me and a few other friends are planning to stay a week or two at this country lodge, and do you want to join us? I said I've only just started work, so I don't have any leave. She said of course, well if you change your mind, feel free.

Then we were interrupted by L's phone going off. She said something about nitrous oxide, then laughed. L said Dylan had been trying to get hold of me to get permission to work on Mary, but couldn't get through or even leave a message. I said oh right, sorry, but I trust Dylan to do whatever he wants, he's a good mechanic, right? L said yes but um are you sure you want to put turbochargers on Mary? I said what? give me the phone. Dylan said oh hi Livi just double checking where you wanted the turbocharger switch to be wired to? Can do a flip switch or a button on the dash if you like. I said hold on, what has Mary been telling you now? He said wasn't it today you had it booked in? I said yes, but for a maintenance. DO NOT LISTEN TO MARY! He said oh, well if you change your mind, it's an easy conversion...

Tomorrow I'm going to have to have a loooong talk with Mary. And also buy a phone.

- Livi