I bought some chewing gum from the store today, pink grapefruit flavor. It came in a tube type container as opposed to the rectangular paper-foil wrapped usual gum. It tasted quite good. I had bought it because it was on special, and also because I wanted to see if I could blow bubbles. I never had much luck with it when I was little, but as the Russian said, practice makes perfect. So I took out a lozenge (I think that's what they're called) of gum, chewed it until it was soft, and did the whole flatten-against-the-roof-of-your-mouth thing I remembered was the first step. Then I moved it towards my teeth and started blowing. Now I should mention I had my phone in hand, was going to put it on recharge in my room, when I blew too hard. The gum went flying, and in the panic moment I looked around but couldn't find it. Then I realized my phone was no longer in my hand, and there was something under my shoe. So I lifted up my foot, and there was nothing there - and then my shoe started ringing.

So I tried the whole calisthenics thing, but failed miserably, so I just took off my shoe, and had a look. Apparently the gum had landed on top of the phone, which I then stepped on. Now since it was ringing, I didn't have time to un-glue it, so I just answered my shoe. "Hello, chief," I said. "Since when was I promoted?" L said. "Since I finished with my bubble gum." "Oh. Did you make any bubbles?" "Nope." "Did you try flattening it, and then putting it against your front teeth before you blow?" "It didn't work." "Oh. Well, you can always try again." "Not with this gum." "How come?" "It's stuck to my shoe." "Yikes! I hate it when I step on gum, have you tried putting it in the freezer?" "Huh?" "The freezer. Sounds weird I know, but my Mom taught me this trick. The gum goes all hard and then it usually comes off in pieces." "Thanks L, I'll try it when you hang up." "I wouldn't wait that long, it'll get more stuck in the grooves." "Oh, alright, can you call me back in an hour?" "It's ok, I'll wait until you put it in the freezer." "Um, you better call me back." "Oh, ok. But I'm going out with Dylan soon, not sure if I'll have time later tonight." "Oh, sorry about that, I'll be up if you do." "Ok, thanks Livi, catch you soon!" "Bye, chief!"

And then I put the shoe-phone into the freezer. I also put my glass of cola in the freezer, because I felt like a cold drink. About two hours later the freezer started ringing, so I opened the door. Apparently I am not very good at stacking, because the phone, which was stuck to gum, which was stuck to a shoe, was covered in frozen cola. Hmm, I said to myself, now how do I answer this?

- Livi