I was doing some reorganizing in the garage and talking to Mary, most of the reorganizing was long-term storage things I don't need in the apartment, like paperwork and old books. Mary asked if she could have the door open, and since I was there I didn't see any reason why not, it was a beautiful afternoon too. She said can you keep the door open when you go upstairs, and I said no at first, then she of course asked why. And I thought to myself, well maybe actually she's right. This is a country town, maybe it's safe to have the roller door open for a while. So I said well alright Mary this once. If anyone comes, just use your horns.

I went back upstairs and made some dinner, and didn't hear anything except some cars going by once in a while. When I came back Mary seemed quiet, and I asked why she was so quiet, she said she just was enjoying watching the cars go by. I thought to myself well hmm it's true the Falls are a bit quiet, especially for someone as energetic as Mary. More drives, I think. Long drives, not just to work. But in the meantime, the whole open door policy seems to be going pretty well at keeping her quiet - that and the fairy lights.

I finished what I was planning to do of reorganizing, and went back upstairs. By this time the oven had dinged, so I had dinner, then went back down and said to Mary, let's go somewhere, I want to watch the sun go down. So we drove to some place, parked on some kind of hill, and watched the sunset. It's just so strangely calming in a way watching the sky turn orange and pink, and then blue, and then almost black. Here in the country you can even see the stars. That's one thing I've really missed, stargazing. You can see thousands and thousands of the lights in the sky come out at different times of night, some of them brighter, some of them less so. You sometimes forget how big the sky is with all the rushing around and routine day to day. But it's peaceful watching the stars, something so far away and yet so soothing, like memories of home.

- Livi