You can never know what a day holds. Apart from 24 hours, I mean. I was at work, scrubbing a few stains on the floor from customers' feet (we had some light rain today) and moving things around when Des started talking about pizza. Now, I'm all for pizza as you well know, whether the sushi variety, or the more traditional kind I cook in my oven of the future. He was mentioning how he and his brother were talking about their favorite joints for pizza back in the day (apparently Sparrow Falls used to have some actual non-sushi kinds), and his brother was mentioning all these great and funny times they had together, and Des said he couldn't remember them. He was telling it in a funny way, so I laughed, but I kind of realized he wasn't laughing with me, which is unusual. Anyway, we got onto scanning a new delivery for sandwiches and some other lunch food, when he said the computer was giving him issues. So I wandered over. Now my understanding of computers goes basically like this: a fairy, or else magical elf-type creature with supernatural mathematical skills sits in a box with about twenty phones, one for each wire going in. He answers these phones in atomic-fission speed, giving us the illusion of technology. The mouse and everything else also have fairies in them. The screen is in fact a super-fast fax machine, animated like a flip-book. Now Des was at some kind of prompt, I assume for passwords (I don't know, since I only scan things in), and suddenly he couldn't remember it. I should mention this was before the opening hour, so we were kind of in a panic.

So I said, Des do you have this password written down somewhere else? He said yes, at home. I said oh well I can hang here if you like until you get it. So he went home, but couldn't find the thing. The story with shortening added is that we had to get a computer wiz in (they have supernatural fairy-communication abilities), and they fixed it all up. The rest of that day went pretty as normal, and Des kept talking to me about wishing for change in his life, and kept asking me how I was enjoying my job, and if I had other aspirations for my own life. Then it all kind of went DING.

I said (gently as I could manage), Des, are you looking to retire? He kind of hung his head and said Livi I am, but I feel so bad because you've only just got here and I intended to work for the rest of my life, but I'm not feeling so well these last months. And I had intended to have you employed permanently since you're great to work with, and I'e enjoyed working with you. And I said Des you've been great to me too, but I totally understand if you need to leave. He said that his mind was driving through some foggy country lately, and that his body and mind is just not able to keep up. I don't really know anything about this, but I can only imagine how awful it must be. I said if I can help any way, I'd be happy to. He said thanks, I'm not looking to close just yet, probably in a year. By then I will make sure you have another job lined up. I can see myself here another twelve months, at least I can offer you that much.

It all just comes out of fog and hits you. I'm young, though, and God provides, right? But it's all still kind of weird even now as I'm writing this. I can't think of how much it must be for him. The store is a big part of his life. I was getting happily settled into routine as well. But still, twelve months is a long time away. Longer than 24 hours.

"Day by day, and with each passing moment, strength I find to meet my trials here. Trusting in my father's wise bestowment, there's no cause for worry or for fear. Him whose heart is kind beyond all measure gives to me each day as he deems best. Lovingly its part of pain and pleasure, mingling toil with peace and rest."

- Livi