Des seemed pretty tired today, more than usual. He said old age is catching up with him slowly. I've been taking on some more of the shop roles to help, today I learned how to scan in new products. There's this scanning thing scans things at the counter, which is connected to the computer system and... er, wires (I'm tech-savvy) which you hold in your hand when a customer buys a product, and you point the thing at the thing and scan the barcode. Then the computer does its magic, Des is a dollar richer, and I'm not out of a job. Yay for technology.

There was this frustrating mark on one of the shelves Des thinks a customer must have left. It wasn't coffee or anything like that, which you just need water to get off, it was like some milk product, almost like a really weird cheese that had tried totally rock solid. Well, maybe not rock solid, in hindsight maybe I could have chipped it off with a chisel. Des said Livi can you clean this patch off the shelf? It's been bothering me for a while now, I don't have the strength to remove it. So, feeling like superwoman, I took a cloth and water bottle, and... didn't get it off. I had found my kryptonite. I was about to invoke Time Girl's paradox-dimensionating powers, but thought the better of it. I just couldn't justify punching holes in the spacetime fabric for the sake of removing a little spot.

So I went at it again, said Des this is impossible, whatever it is. He said it looks like cheese. I said can you hurl it? He said it's too stuck. I said actually I know what it is, it's not cheese. He said are you sure. I said yes, it's caked on sun-dried remains of yoghurt. He said how can you be sure? I said don't ask. But what you need is Odor-B-Gone, which a friend of a friend tells me works wonders on yoghurt/yogurt/yoghourt remains. So I asked him can I take a bottle off the shelf? He said sure.

He was in a kind of down mood, so I thought I'd lighten things up. I got the bottle, and said to him behold the agent which shall mortify Ms. Tomlinson's crabapple-and-rhubarb delight! Now my intention was to go all 007 and spin the bottle around my finger like a revolver. Because that's what cleaning agents do. So I had the Odor-B-Gone in one hand, and balancing it on my outstretched pointer. I went to spin the bottle, but what do you know it didn't have the round ring thingie that goes around the trigger in a gun, so, you know, you can spin it. But I didn't realize this, so went to spin it, and whacked myself in the face.

Des rushed over and said Livi are you ok? I said even the best agent cannot beat Ms. Tomlinson's crabapple-and-rhubarb. Fear not, I shall try again! So I took out my gun from the holster, and shot once, twice, three times, four times, five times... by which time Des said Livi I think that might be enough for the stain. I said oh right and stopped shooting. I said now behold, and pulled out a wet wipe and... wet wiped. And the dastardly Ms. Tomlinson was vanquished! Secret agent lives to fight another day!

In other news, when I got home I suddenly realized I have had a new oven of the future for about two weeks, and have only used it to cook meals.

And Mrs. Robertson has just come out with a new flavor.

- Livi