It was a perfect summer day as summer days go, the light was shining in the church windows, and there was not a cloud in the sky. It was warm, but I wouldn't say hot. Just the way I like summer. Today after the service I was sitting under a tree with L and some other people, and there was this flock of white birds that flew overhead. Now I wouldn't say sparrows, because they were the wrong color, and definitely not pigeons. Maybe albino crows. But whatever they were, they were flying in this V formation, and I noticed they weren't even flapping their wings, but were keeping at a pretty good pace it seemed, and they just seemed so at rest, and effortless. I thought to myself ah how much I would like to be a bird some days, flying above all the troubles I have, and all the things in this world. Then I thought to myself well in a since I am. I mean everyone else here has the same desire, don't they? And one day we will be flying above this world. Maybe I'm not so different to a bird after all. I mean this in a figure-of-thought way, not actually.

It was nice to have a day off from work today, sometimes I really feel like I need it. Some days off I'm thinking oh no what am I going to do, but most of the time, like today, there's enough to do, and wonder at, that keeps me busy. I enjoyed watching those birds today, and I hope you enjoyed this blog post too. A weblog? A web log? Oh no, not again.

- Livi