I'm a fan of egg and spoon, mostly when it's boiled eggs with bits of toast to dip in the yolk. But today was another kind of egg and spoon, the racing type. Yes, work health and safety fanatics, be afraid, be very afraid, for people were running with spoons in their mouths! I went over to the same kind of track area where Mr. Eriksson had so kindly helped me dispose of the medals, and most of them were children. But to be fair, not all were. Anyhow, I helped the first group of kiddies find a spoon, and opened up the cartons of eggs, one for each spoon. I can't really imagine balancing more than one. The race was only about 50 metres I think, I forget now but some of them did a very good job. Most of them didn't make it much past the starting line, but some of them got the hang of it pretty well by going slow, and I blew the whistle to congratulate the first boy over the finish line.

There were another few groups, quite a few groups of children. I refereed them, and handed out more gold medallions. Then some men came along, the last group, and I said what are you going to compete in egg and spoon? They said yes we are. There were those from the Wold, and those from Sparrow Falls, and I felt like the main reason they were competing in this kind of event was because of rivalry. Well, I said, you have to have a handicap since you're a couple decades older than the rest. So I found some ladles still lying around from the fete and gave one to each man. They looked at me as if to say this is unexpected, but they didn't argue, since I was the ref. Then I said well look most of you are about three times older, so therefore you need two more eggs. So they each had three eggs on a ladle. I said look on the sunny side up. Then I blew the whistle.

It was quite entertaining watching nine grown men hobble about with a ladle in their mouths. I like spectating.

- Livi