Today is brought to you by the letter L. There I was standing in the aisle packing apples (or, de-packing them, I should say) singing the alphabet (I don't know Y) and I was up to K when L walked in. I said O hi, missing letter. She said who? I said you're not an owl. She said watt? I said that's a unit of electricity.

It was really quite refreshing to see her, to be honest. My heart warmed to see one of my dear church family, I was getting a bit of the feeling of the blues (maybe that was Y I was singing the alphabet) so it was quite the timing. I said how are you L? She said O I'm fine. Just dropping by for a snack on my lunch break. I realized I've never come to see U at work! She bought some chocolate biscuits and milk (Dylan you need to tell your girlfriend to eat better) and was about to leave when Des said I could have an early lunch break. I said oh thanks Des. It was only a few minutes early, but what a nice surprise! Actually, I thank God because we had a really meaningful conversation.

L said she was feeling a bit down lately, I said well actually so was I, so glad you came to chat! She drank her flavored milk, and I drank my soda (we are soul sisters in our love for nutrition), and we talked a little. L was saying how she didn't really like her job, but was keeping it until she got married, and that Dylan had already proposed. When she said that her face grew a bit lighter, and she laughed. But I could tell her job was wearing down on her. I mean I only stock shelves in a small one-man-owned convenience store, but all the pressures of publishing seem terrible compared to it. So I said to her L, I don't really understand anything about the printing industry, actually the only thing I know is that they get paper and print on it. But what I do know is U, and you've been a great friend to me, and more than than, church family. You've pointed me to God many times over the last couple months, and made me feel welcome at church and in Sparrow Falls in general. And she said thanks, you're the one Paige I don't get sick of. I said hey puns are my business, don't you go stealing them.

In the few minutes we had left of our break we talked about what we thought the future might be. L said she looked much forward to being married with Dylan. I said I look forward to finding a home in Sparrow Falls, I feel like I'm slowly fitting in. She said she might be able to find a job in the reception office at Sparrow Auto in a year, that's what the manager there said to her. I think she would be good at that too, pretty chirpy. By that time next year she would be happily married. L sighed and said she can bide her time until that day, although she gets down sometimes thinking of how far it is. I said well I don't have much hope for that kind of thing, although I'm like totally sane, but you know what, I can bide time, and work until That Day. Yeah, I can bide time.

- Livi