It was the opening day of the Triathlon, so they had plenty of adjudicator people. I was working today, but am expected tomorrow evening to score for the 100m sprint. I tried explaining to Des that I'm not Russian, and he said it's ok, you're under no pressure to be. So I guess they at least accept that I'm a foreigner. But I was trying hard not to think about it. Even if I do a good job refereeing, I don't know their sports slang, I'm totally not Russian.

The town is alive today. I mean, they were alive before. I mean the streets are awash. No, people aren't water. These words don't make any sense. The streets are FULL WITH PEOPLE. Actually that's not even true, there's still some empty bits.


Why is English so hard? I'm going to communicate in dingbats from now on on.

- Livi