I answered the phone after work. "Hello?" "Hi Ms. Paige. This is Roger here, the referee for-"

I put the phone down. They were onto me. They had my number and everything. I went down to the garage, said Mary we're going for a drive. What now? I'm tired. Sorry Mary, the referees are onto us. I'll call you Fairy, and you call me Bolivia Sage. Isn't that a country, she said. Yes it is, I said.

So I changed out of my orange shirt into a green-gray shirt, and Fairy and I went for a drive. We went to the reserve, and I went for a stroll. Nothing too strenous, just long enough to clear the house in case they swung by. I thought to myself, well the froyo thickens. Here I am trying to escape by walking in a park. Then I saw it. People doing aerobics. One of them looked familiar, and I recognized he was the guy at the restaurant who first turned around. "Ms. Paige!" he called out, "we've been trying to contact you."

I knew it. And there I was with nowhere to go. "Uh, I'm Ms. Sage." "Oh right, sorry, I must have got your name wrong. Are you adjudicating the hop skip and jump, and the dodgeball?" "Uh, I don't really know, to be honest." "Oh, alright. Just wanted to check in if you needed any pointers." "Thanks, I have two," I said, twitching my indexes, and left off.

That was a close call. From now on call me Sage. Bolivia Sage.

- B'livi