Now that everything's slowed down for me, I've taken some pictures. This morning I woke up, and it was raining, but inbetween the clouds the sun was still out, and I was watching the water drop from the eaves as I was having breakfast.

Today I spent unpacking, as tomorrow I'm starting work. Thing is, this apartment seemed to have a lot of dust and cobwebs about, I have the impression it's not been rented for a while. So before I started unpacking, I decided it was time to clear out the cobwebs. And I mean that literally. On one of the walls there was this dark patch, and I went over to find out what it was, as you do, and discovered it was, in fact, a spider. Now I'm not scared of spiders, of course, they're just tiny little insects. So I picked up my boot and went over to the wall.

I mean, it's just a spider. I'm a big girl. I'm grown. A big woman. Wait no, that's not right.

It's just this thing with eight legs that crawls about inside. Or outside. And sucks the juices out of insects it catches, and has two beady eyes. But it's only what, an inch or so across, nothing to be afraid of. I was perfectly calm.

There's just a black thing with red eyes on the wall where I'm going to live. And it's turning around. Please don't look at me please don't look at me

Suddenly I realized how urgently I needed to unpack some things of mine. So I spent most of the day doing that, and I also hung up my pictures. Except on one particular wall. Actually I managed to unpack everything except the things in the trunk. Speaking of which, Mary is now kept in a garage rather than on the street. You think she'd be happy about this, being out of the weather, but she tells me that it's too dark and will give her nightmares. Also, she misses being able to look outside and watch all the traffic go by. I said, "There's not much traffic here. And we still go out every day. I can't leave the garage door open, because there's the door to the house inside. And I'm not going to buy fairy-lights." It was at that moment she started playing La Cucaracha.

Anyhow, it was nice having a day somewhat quiet to set up shop before I set up shop. I mean, tomorrow I'm working at the convenience store. Ay ay ay I'm tired now, am going to post this blog and go to sleep.

Mom if you're reading this, are you still friends with that exterminator who moved to Sparrow Falls? I feel a sudden need of his friendship. Also, if you ring him, can you find out any good places to buy fairy-lights?

- Livi