I've always wondered what myrrh smells like. Also frankincense. Gold, not so much. Today I was walking past a shop selling herbs and spices, and I suddenly felt like I was in the Middle East. Not that I've ever been to the Middle East. Or the Northern, Southern, Western, Or Eastern East. But as I went in, the scents were overwhelming. I found myself a bit woozy, if I am to be honest, it was just a full on nose-attack of a good sort, but nonetheless overwhelming. I asked her what she sold here, was it mainly herbal medicines? She said it was a mix of natural plants and herbs in general. They had chamomile, good for getting to sleep, ginger, good for the stomach, and honey, good for nothing. As I was looking around (the shopkeeper didn't mind), I felt more and more like I was one of the Magi who came to see Jesus. I don't know why, maybe it was because of the rugs on the floor, that's how I imagine the place they came from anyway. And out of curiosity, I asked the woman, do you have any frankincense? Or myrrh? She said oh yes not many people ask after it though. I said do you mind if I smell a bit? She said smell away. So I did.

Frankincense smells kind of woody, like pines, but more spicy. If that makes any sense. Myrrh smells very warm and woody, if that also makes any sense. I yet have not found how to put Smell-O-Vision on my blog, so just bear with me here. I was smelling it, and the smells were so otherworldly, I thought I'll buy some. I asked the lady how much they cost, and it was more than my weekly income. But you know what, I wasn't actually floored, as I usually am. The scents reminded me of a palace, and I thought, you know what, if he needed something like this, and I know he doesn't now, I'd gladly buy the whole jar for him. Instead I just bought a bit.

Now I know what you're thinking, mangers don't smell at all like frankincense and myrrh. Maybe that's the point. I keep it in a jar beside my bed, sometimes smell it, and dream I'm the magi. As in, we one queen of orient are. And I always find a way to bring it to his crib.

- Livi