I can't let Mom have the last word, no way! Mom says she has the right to the last word, but I don't think so. Neither do ducks, because they keep quacking no matter what you say to them. I think I've gotten rid of most of the ducks now, but some are still around. I don't like ducks.

I came up with a new idea last night while Mom was asleep, I can have wings that fold in like my doors, so Mom won't complain about not being able to drive. And then we can see grandma and grandpa more, because flying is fast!

Dear people! thank you for helping me drive, and also to paint. It's been a fun year! Come back again and help me get a propeller and wings put on, Mom doesn't believe that I can fly, but I can drive now so I don't think she trusts me enough. Then I can hunt ALL the ducks!

Thanks for all the fun! Now goodbye, people!

- Mary.