D-man's parents are really nice. Also they cook well, like me. Tonight we had a roast dinner, spuds and pumpkin, lamb and other random vegetables I could tell them all about, including their aisle number and product ID, very appetizing stuff. D-man rocked up first because well it is his place until he moves out, and I was the next to rock up, dropping some serious grunge, and also the lima beans I was meant to bring. I said to myself, oh well they get washed and five second rule and all that. Then I said hey I can help if you like, and D's parents were about to open their mouth when D said oh thanks so much Livi but you must have had a pretty tiring day, can you set the table instead? I said I sure can!

Then the Susanmobile rocked up with a trifle. I mean, it wasn't that small, but you get the point. I said wow Susan, your cooking prowess never ceases to amaze me! Do you want me to help you with that? She said no that's alright Livi, I'll take it to the table myself, it's heavy. I said to myself oh yeah I forget how strong she is despite her size, nothing to worry about. Then the L came, and once dinner was all cooked, we sat down and had it. After dinner, the D-mom said I'll go put some music on in the background for you guys, and a minute later La Cucaracha started playing. Susan said that's not quite what I expected. I said hold on, I'll go talk to Mary.

Outside, Mary was honking her horns and flashing her lights at me. I said Mary, what is it? She said I want to come in Mom. I said Mary you can't, we're just finishing up dinner though now, so maybe we'll come in the garage for a bit. You can drive yourself around there if you like. She said ok Mom, and I went in and said um hey people, if we're going to play a board game, wouldn't there be much more room in the garage? L laughed and said yeah, and looked at D-man. He said oh right, and went down first to talk to Mary. I said D while you're down there, can you tell Mary that too much regular washing is bad for paint or something too? Because my arms are getting sore from using all this Wash and Wax. Every. Single. Day.

Then we played some monopoly again, and I had all spades. D rolled a seven, then passed go. I moved boot to D-4, and called checkmate. I can't remember what happened after then.

As the evening closed, L said to me, hey Livi isn't this the 365th day of your blog? I said golly, you're right, it is! What a crazy year it's been too. L said well is this game we're playing going in it too? I said sure is. L said well that means it's been a year since you came to Sparrow Falls more or less exactly, isn't that right? I said wow, a year. Yeah, and look, here I am with my 3 good friends, plus my daughter, yes Mary I haven't forgotten you. Susan said how's your first year gone here? I said brilliant Li. Then she said you know Livi, if we're done playing, I'd really like to pray for us all before we go. I said thanks Susan.

Susan said God, thanks so much for my friends here, Elle and Dylan and Livi, and I just pray that you'll be with us all tonight, and tomorrow, and whatever else comes. Thank you so much for bringing Livi to us, and that she's become part of our church family here. I pray you'll keep us all safe and close to you, whatever comes in the year ahead. We know that wherever we are, you will be also. And one day, where you are, we will be.

As the sun set on our board game in the garage, I looked around at my dear friends Elle and Susan and Dylan (and Mary), and said to the D, before I go, is Sparrow Auto running low on Wash and Wax?

- Livi.