I was stacking the coconuts when all of a sudden lo and behold the DL walked in. I said hey DL! They said hey how's business? I said businessy. I said so, what brings you here to the illustrious Dave&Dave? Or did you just miss me that much? They said well actually we're shopping for some decoration things for the wedding, and also for after then. I said well, not sure how well you can decorate a house with melons. Or lemons. No lemon, no melon. Apparently that's a palindrome too. Anyhow, what can I get you? I'm afraid I can only talk to you as customers otherwise I'll get in trouble, Sir Ninja and Madam Beauregarde. D said all good, I need to pick up some potatoes and pumpkin for my parents. I said ah, right this way! I didn't mention to him the dream I had where he saved the L from evil Russians with potato cannons. But maybe he did, because he bought enough of them to surely put the Russians out of supply for a while. After he went go to the counter and pay, L said hey Livi, how would you like to have dinner with us? Just you, us, and Susan? Dylan's parents wanted to have you guys over. I said yeah totally that sounds great. L said oh yeah by the way we were being followed in the parking lot. I said what? I hope D-man was with you, he would have talked to whoever it was. L said yeah, he did, for a long time. It was Mary. Then I had visions of them being followed through the parking lot by a yellow car unaware while bystanders looked on. Mary Mary Mary.

When I finished work and went back to the parking spot, Mary was not there. I said oh no, this cannot be good. I looked around for I think ten full minutes before spotting a flash of yellow in the distance where the park was, and also a flock of birds. Those birds, you can probably guess what they were. So I started off in that direction when I guess Mary must have seen me, because she suddenly started racing over to where I was. So I walked over to the empty parking spot where she was, and stood there. She came up real slowly and said sorry Mom. I said well Mary, you know I said you should only use your powers for good and not for evil. She said I was Mom! A big goose was harassing a little kid! I said what really? I wasn't entirely sure, but just when I got in the car and was about to leave, another mother came up and knocked on my window. I said yes, how may I help you? She said thank you soooo much for saving my kid from that goose! It was so aggressive. But I don't remember seeing you in the driver's seat.... I said oh yeah well it's easy to forget details when adrenalin kicks in and all, but no problem at all, glad I could help. Mary said you're welcome! The lady looked in when Mary spoke, and said who is that? I said my invisible daughter. Then she thanked us again, picked up her kid, and wandered off to wherever she was going. I said sorry Mary for judging you wrongly, you were very brave. Although I guess a five kilo duck doesn't have much on your 700 kilos or whatever. Mary said I'm not that heavy, am I Mom? I said uh... I mean 70, you know Mary, just a slip of the tongue. Then we went home, and I gave Mary a Wash and Wax. You deserve it, I told her.

- Livi.