What has eight eyes, runs about like it's on a sugar high, and is really hard to catch? If you said four kindergarteners, you're right, but not exactly what I was thinking of. You see, I haven't perfumed my house since last year's summer, and the scent has worn off, and the visitors are back. The scent I'm referring to is Eau de Raid, and the visitors are spiders. The problem is that when I realized this, it was late and the shops were closed, and so I was forced to go to bed a bit uncomfortable. I'm not scared of the dark now that I'm grown, but it totally made me understand what little kids must feel like. I was asking the same questions myself: are they in the cupboard? Are they under the bed? Are they behind the dressing-table? Eventually I got up, wandered down (well I'm pretty sure both of my feet were off the ground at one point, so I was practically flying) to the garage with a blanket and said to Mary, hi Mary, I might sleep in the back tonight, can you open the doors? She said sure Mom, is it cold up there? I said well probably, but then hot air rises, doesn't it? Anyhow, doesn't matter, thanks Mary.

Mary and I talked a while longer, she said that she had been dreaming of ducks just before I came, and how best to scare them away. She came up with all these crazy inventions that D-man could make to put under her bonnet and other places, so I quickly pretended to be asleep and not to have heard. Eventually all went quiet, and I had a good long sleep, safe from all spiders.

- Livi.