I remember reading a story about a boy who was waiting so long at an orphanage to be adopted, and when he finally heard the news he was dancing and singing, and singing and dancing, probably some other things too, but then he got a little disappointed when he heard that they were still coming a week later to pick him up. Boat travel and everything back a hundred years took time, I guess. I was thinking about this story as pastor was preaching in Ephesians this morning, actually last week too, how we're adopted by God according to his will, i.e. he wanted to. I remember asking Mom and Dad why they had me, and they said the same thing, they wanted to. I guess that's what love's about. Maybe they changed their mind from time to time when I was growing up, I don't know, but I wouldn't doubt it. Anyway, here I am, thanks to Mom, and Dad, and God. Also a lot of cough medicine, I'm told.

I was talking to some people after the service today about the message, one of them was a foster carer, and we got to talking a bit. He's waiting to adopt his son permanently, and I hope that goes through. Life is weird sometimes, even though they both want to be family, they have to wait. But they have hope, and I guess that's a bit like us, once we weren't family, and now we are. His mother was sitting nearby him, and she said she was thirsty for a tea, so I said oh no problem don't get up I'll get one for you. So off I went into the kitchen to grab a cup of tea. I put the tea into the cup, poured in boiling water and then went to grab a sugar. I came back, grabbed the mug and was about to give it to the lady when I realized magic had happened. Either this was a very dark variety of tea, or the tea had suddenly turned into coffee. I said hold on, went back into the kitchen and found a guy staring at his mug. I said hey does your mug by any chance have peppermint tea in it? He said does your mug by any chance have coffee in it? So we swapped, and I went back, and gave her the tea.

As we drove home from church, I said to Mary, well I learned a lot about adoption today. Mary said Mom what's adoption? I said well its' when two people aren't biologically related, but are family anyway, they love each other the same, right Mary? She went quiet a while, then said oh you mean like Dylan and Elle, how they're not family yet?

- Livi.