Sorry miss, we're out of size nine, said the bowling guy. Ah, but that's the sole size that fits! Oh well, give me a ten. Yep, alright DLS, let's go whack some pins.

Susan had a very tiring week this week, mostly increased customers due to summer, when everyone comes to the pool. So bowling maybe wasn't the best, but I guess it wasn't the worst either, I mean we could have gone rock climbing. We ordered some fries and soda on the side, and while it came, our lane opened, and we all shuffled over. I said so D, how's business? He said yeah, steady as always. And you, L? Yep, going ok at the moment. Oh good. First as D was going up to the line, our food came, and so we started while the twelfth was warming up. And as she shot, she got a strike! She said I'm aiming to hit a turkey. I looked around, but didn't see any. I think L is delusional.

Then the D rolled (L got two strikes in a row), and got a spare, then S rolled, and got a pass go, and then I rolled, and I got a pick up four. I said watch out L, I'm going to hit you with that next round if you keep getting strikes. As I was munching on my fries, I said to L, so how did you get so good at bowling? She said well my Dad used to go here a lot when he was little, and there wasn't many other attractions at the Falls. I said oh ok makes sense, practice makes perfect and all.

Then I rolled, and lo and behold got a strike! Although not entirely with my ball. You see, size ten didn't really fit me at all, so the bowling ball hit eight out of nine, and my shoe finished up the other one. I said um well I don't think I can retrieve that now. Does it come through the black vortex of doom all the other bowling balls come through?

It didn't. A red light went on, and Joe the repair guy came down to our station while I hid my shoeless foot and pretended to look innocent. How do you look innocent? My best idea was to hum yankee doodle while munching on chips. I don't think it worked, but at least I got my shoe back.

Then, finally, at the end of the night, L started jumping around and said she scored a turkey. Now I don't know what it is with her and turkeys lately, but the prize guy didn't come and give her any raw poultry. He did however, come and give me a size nine, for which he had my deepest gratitude.

- Livi.