I was considering breaking out a theme song for parcel man as he showed up today, but the only musical instrument I have is a marimba, which is not moveable. I swung open the door at two to five and watched the van pull up. I said yep, just as expected. He came to the stairs, and I went down them to say hello, and he said parcel for Miss Paige. I said thanks parcel man, is this your last job for today? You must be busy. He said he was. I tried to ask him about parcel HQ, but he's very short in talking to me, I don't know why. Anyhow, I took the parcel, said thanks, and we both went off, Mark I to Parcel HQ and me to Microwave HQ. In Microwave HQ I sat down and unboxed the box. It was full of DVDs! There were full series there, and documentaries and things, and all looked really good! Maybe a good way to pass time by myself. How thoughtful! I bet it was Mom and Dad.

So I called them up. I said hey Mom and Dad, how's things? And if things are parcels, including various DVDs, a sofa and other goodies, how are parcels? They said Livi what are you talking about? And I soon found it wasn't them. I said oh, well I thought it must be you, it was such a lovely gift, and not like evil clone Livi gifts. All good though. And they talked then a bit about their day, and their week, and said that they missed me, and I said that I missed them, and I talked a bit about Dave&Dave, and also Mary, and marimbas, and the DLS, and then we hung up. I sat looking through all the different DVDs there, I think I'll leave them until I'm really out of things to do, this week seems to be more busy than the last. But then I had an idea.

Microwave them.

Thankfully I didn't, but I have before. That's why they're called DVDs, Dramatic Volts Dancing.

- Livi.