By the order of Olivia Paige, Sparrow Falls, I adjure you by Post Office HQ to tell me who has been sending all these parcels! He shrugged. I'm just the parcel man, he said, and left off. So undramatic. Oh well. He also left me a parcel.

This was not a marimba, nor a sofa, it was too small for that, in fact really small. Well maybe it could be a micro marimba. So I held it in my hand, and opened it, and the box was filled with nothing but a card. I said what, and by card I mean gift voucher. It was like a fancy booklet with a picture of a chef on the front and random vegetables and people cooking. I also knew what those unappetizing vegetables, and I have eaten them before, because I am grocer than you. In the middle of the booklet was the voucher itself, and get this, it was for


I laughed. Yep, that's exactly what it would be if I joined. Then I wondered how much it must have cost. Who is sending me all these actually wonderful things? I sat down and almost cried. It's funny you know, the last week I've been feeling just so alone. Well, alone but not alone, the father is always with me, but these three things have made me realize that oh yeah I am part of a community here though too. I felt very warm inside. Then I thought to myself, you know this is exactly what I need, I'm not too proud to realize I need help. Hey, that means no kitchen disasters here for two weeks! Yes indeed, that means kitchen disasters elsewhere for two weeks. Apologies in advance to whoever owns elsewhere, Livi is coming.

- Livi.