I stood staring there at the mystery parcel. My curiosity (as well as my thumb) was tingling (also part of my left hand) and as I was staring, the phone rang. It was hidden dragon. I said hello hidden dragon! And actually hidden because you're on the phone line, and I can't physically see you. You know that thing called serendipity? Well it's when something happens that you really needed to happen but didn't actually think would happen. Providence is a better answer, that's what I'm trying to say. Have you ever cut those random plastic straps off boxes? Really? All the time at work, you say? Well, I don't spose you and L are like anywhere near my place at the moment, because I could use a hand. Actually I lie, I can't use a hand. Speaking of serendipity, you don't also have a bottle of antiseptic on you?

I'm slowly warming to Mary's idea that Dylan is actually some sort of genius, however I think the specific word she is after is in fact ninja. But anyhow, the D-man rocked up with his future-to-be-wife, slathered on some antiseptic, slashed the thingos, and then headed down to talk to Mary, who was getting antsy now that D-man was here. And L and I stood staring at the box. What is it? She said. I don't know, I said, and I'm not even entirely sure I want to find out. L said well I'll help you open it, since you're a bit incapacitated at the moment. I said thanks, and proceeded to watch her open up a big fat new sofa. I stood stunned. Well actually I was sitting down, so I lie. But I sat stunned. Doesn't have the same ring, does it? It was a beautiful blue velvety soft sofa, not like my old and worn one I picked up at a second hand auction. Speaking of which, I could use one of them right now. As I was going around to look at the back, I saw the price tag still on and almost died. I said, this is amazing, but who would buy this for me? I mean I use my sofa a lot, and sometimes sleep on it even, and... this is incredible. L said wow, the person who bought this for you obviously thinks the world of you and loves you a lot. I said yeah, I guess. I just have no idea who it is. Ah! I forgot to ask Mark again. Oh well.

Later on they left, and I jumped onto my new sofa with a blanket and went to sleep. It was so extremely comfortable, and I am so grateful for whoever it is that sent it. Thank you, mystery person! Evil Livi would never do something like this. My heart felt very warmed by the thought that someone was thinking of me here in my flat.

- Livi.