I'm sitting on the counter eating fries. It's half past four and my parcel sense is tingling. Or maybe that's just the pop rocks I'm eating. Anyhow, I have a feeling that Mark my word is about to show up, and when he comes it will be something less useful. Like six fans, or honey, possibly a marimba. Please not another marimba.

I was right. The ringer just rang. I got up, and said good afternoon Sir Mark of the Parcel, how art thou? He said he was good. He also said that he had a delivery for me. I said oh yeah, where is it? He said it's in the truck. I said oh no, this can't be good.

It wasn't. It was possibly the largest parcel I've received to date. Speaking of which, we're still sold out of them at Dave&Dave. Anywho, I think it was at least as fat as the marimba box but not as long, which was a relief to me of course because it meant that I wasn't getting another marimba. On the downside, it possibly meant that I was getting a piano. I called out to Mary, hey Mary the parcel man's here again. Oh no wait he's multiplied, there are two again. I went out and held the door open as they wrestled the thing inside (Mark II has some pretty good moves, I think it was jiu-jitsu) and eventually they popped it down next to the Leaning Tower, and in front of Marimba Central. I said thanks very much! Or maybe not so much, all depending what's in this box. What is in this box? Mark said sorry I'm just the parcel man, and left off. Mark II hung by a moment longer to I guess admire the Leaning Tower, then he also left off, leaving only me with my marimba, 27 microwaves, and a mystery box of mystery. I said well time to open it, and went over to it, but then realized it was tied down with those strap things, so I went to get a kitchen knife.

Now suddenly I had flashbacks of me at five trying to cut apples with a bread knife and hurting myself badly, and Mom saying see Livi that's why I don't give you a kitchen knife. So I said to myself, ah you know it can wait 'til tomorrow, the doctor's office isn't open now anyway.

- Livi.