It was five to five. The RING A DING A DING DONG went. You know what this means, dear reader!

Parcel man! Parcel man! Can he deliver? Oh yes he can!
When he comes, don't ask why because he's just the parcel guy
Look out! Here comes the parcel man.

Greetings, Mark I. How are you? He said that he was good. He also said that he had a rice cooker for me. I said oh great, something I can actually use. I took it from him, and bid him thanks and farewell. Then I went inside and opened it. It was indeed a rice cooker. I said to myself, well my old rice cooker is on the way out, and also I could use a bit bigger size in case I have friends over. I looked on the label, but it was all scribbled out with black permanent. I said hmm, this is suspicious. Next thing I know I'll be getting letters with words cut out from magazines on them to hide their identity. I'll have to quiz the Mark my word next time he shows up. Hmm, I wonder when he knocks off, actually? Five to five is pretty late for parcel deliveries. Anyhow, I went down to Mary and said hey guess what Mary? I got another mystery parcel. Now tell me honestly, was this from you? Thanks if it was. She said no, but did you like it? I said I did. I told her it was a rice cooker, and a very nice one too. Although I spose all rice cookers are kind of the same, because they well cook rice. I mean, rice is either cooked or it's not, right? The only way you can get rice wrong is by adding too much water, which some people do. Or by forgetting to put water in entirely, which is what... well, a friend of a friend did once but never again.

Now to get some rice on for dinner.

- Livi.