It was super early when I woke up, it wasn't even really light out. I wasn't sure why exactly I woke so early, but I didn't mind. 6:30 is the best time, hands down.

It was so nice to be back to church and see my forever family again. What a long time! Well, only seven days buy I'm sure there was some temporal displacement or something as it felt a lot longer than that. And I thought today too, we're going to be together always, if not here, in eternity. That's true family.

I talked to an elderly man who I remembered was there on my first Sunday, and introduced himself to me again. I said hey I remember you... um yeah well I mean your personality and appearance, sorry what was your name? And we got to talking a bit on God things and also on the people here at the spire. He asked after hidden dragon and Violet, and how they were going, and if they were married yet. I said no, but the D-man proposed I think maybe just after you left, and before I met them. I wasn't there, but I hear it was engaging. He said oh great! and talked about them for a while. I think he was a family friend.

Then I poured myself another cup of coffee, but not three. My rule is one cup is still sleepy, two is alert, and three is 7 on the Richter Scale. I also had another half a biscuit. Then D came over, and also S, then L later, and we talked for a while. L seems to think there might be some work on the horizon. Good for her! Hopefully it's something that doesn't involve the stresses of PPI and DPI. D was also talking about something with her excitedly. I guess the day is coming up. Then I said how's swimming going, S? She said swimming Li.

- Livi.