The DL and the S were busy this Satummday, so it all felt very routine, but without the poutine. Mostly I was home, but I decided to give D a call to see if they were REALLY busy, because he's straightforward and always says it as it is. They were. I got them in the middle of lunch with the parents, so I said sorry and hung up. I wandered down to the garage and said Mary, it's all nice being back, but it's feeling now too quiet just you and me. She said that I should consider the ducks. I don't think she was referencing Matthew, but that brought the Scripture to my mind anyway, and I said oh yeah true, what am I worrying about? I have what I need. And so I did literally consider the ducks as I was sitting there with Mary, and we just looked out a while and watched. I said Mary, tell me, what is it about ducks that you hate? I get the salespeople, but ducks? She said she doesn't like bills. I said ah, I can understand that. Speaking of which, I better check my mailbox.

Well, I cracked open the first Wash and Wax shortly after that. Mary was happy. I was sudsy. Also concrete is very slippery with detergent and water. It's good that I keep a pile of spare shoes that are quite soft. Mary then told me she was glad I was her Mom, and I said aww Mary, and I'm glad you're my daughter. Maybe not genetically related, but anyway.

Then the sun set, and we watched it set together. Nothing much happened today, but I ended up enjoying it for the most part, and the sunset definitely.

- Livi.