"No Mary, that's not a duck, that's a crow. No Mary, that's a sparrow. No, that's way too big for a duck. That's called a goose. Or maybe a swan. No, and that's a crow again."


No Mary, that's - WHAM! Ow my head. No Mary that was a tree branch.

So on my day off today we drove down South again and had a good long walk. No Mr. Picnic, but lots of birds. Kind of like when I first came to the Falls. I had planned to go down to the reserve today, but Mary wanted to 'walk' too, so we just went a bit farther. I picked up some daisies and made chains out of them, then Mary sais she wanted one, and so I made one for her. It was a picture perfect summers day, I like days like these.

- Livi.