It was feeling so quiet today after work. Just me, and well Mary in the garage, but the house seemed so still, and almost weird. I said to myself, it's quiet. Too quiet. Mark the parcel man must have heard because suddenly at five to five the RING A DING A DING DONG went, and I got up, swung open the door, and said


However Mark looked like he was 70 years old, and also a woman. Then I realized it was my next door neighbor. I said oh hi, sorry I thought you were the delivery guy. She said well yes I am today. I just wanted to come say hello and wish you a happy new year too. I know we haven't spoke much, as I've been ill most of last year, but wanted to properly introduce myself. I'm Anna, but you can call me Grandma, that's what everyone calls me. I said well Grandma, it sure is nice to meet you. It's ok, I keep to myself most of the time anyhow. Except when I don't, of course. I'm a stockperson down at Dave&Dave. She said oh yes, I have been there before, perhaps I will again. Well, I can't stand too long on my feet, I must be going now Miss Paige. I said sure, I'll walk you back if you like. She said that would be great.

So I walked her over to her complex. It was right at the far other end of the flatpack flats. She said so do you live by yourself, dearie? I said yes, plus my daughter. Oh, you have a daughter? She said. Do you find enough room for the both of you in these flats? I said oh yeah, I keep her in the garage all the time, it's all good.

I now have a friend with a complex like me. What a great find!

- Livi.