I watched the clock count down to the time, and then HAPPY NEW YEAR! Last year was suddenly all over, and Helga had gained an extra year of experience. But I didn't feel any different. There wasn't even any level-up sounds or anything.

A bit later, some fireworks began. MOPEDS climbed on the roof, courtesy of D's ladder, and watched the show. Well, apart from Mary I mean, she can't exactly climb on the roof. That would be terrifying. Don't suggest this to either her or D-man. I regret writing it already. And so the show started. It was quite an impressive light show, although not as big or anything as the ones just south of the city, but that's way too far, and besides I'm here. We all had the day off being a holiday, so after we caught up on some sleep, we all decided to go for a drive.

As we piled into Mary's seats, and the DL in the new old car (he still hasn't worked on the car I gave him) we drove a bit east of the city where the big rolling hills are, and we drove for a while, then parked and had some lunch L kindly packed us. I offered to help with the sandwiches, but apparently plastic wrapping them after she had made them was the most important part, and so she trusted me to that. I got 7 out of 8 wrapped, then we ran out of wrap. L said hold on, I'll grab some from my place. I said but look, the fourth has a laminator right there we could use.

We sat and had some lunch on the hills. They were nice and green, and so were the trees, although I miss the flowers and all still. But not the hayfever, so maybe it's even. Then we sat and watched the clouds roll by, and I said hey that one looks like a lion. S said hey that one looks like a rose. L said hey that one looks like a sunflower. M said hey that one looks like a 3/4 hyperfluxinator converter. I said Mary no it doesn't. Then D-man said well actually I think it kind of does.

Ok, maybe it does. I mean I still don't know what a hyperfluxinator converter is.

- Livi.