Twelfth! D-man! Susanmobile! Seems like such a long time since I've seen you all. How are you? Oh yeah, I'm well too, happy to be home. By the way, D-man, did you ever talk to my parents about, I don't know, Wash and Wax?

We prayed the new year in today. We also played some board games and things, but we had a look back on the year, and prayed for the year ahead. I mean, it's hard to know what's going to go down, but as long as God will be by our side, we'll be alright. What a crazy year it's been for me too, moving here, meeting the DL and the S, finding a church home, finding work, then finding work again, battling evil clones from parallel universes, accumulating 28 microwaves, well there used to be 33. I said DL, S, I'm so glad I met you all. Susan said Livi, I'm so glad you moved here to Sparrow Falls, otherwise we would have never got to know each other. L said that for her, the year had been pretty tiring work-wise, but she could wait it out happily. And she held hidden dragon's hand, and I said to myself oh yeah that's right they're getting married in June. D said that's right. I said what, are mechanics telepaths now too?

We talked about our Christmases (or is it Christmasi?) and they asked how I was going. I said yeah fine to be honest, but I do miss M and D, not Mary and Dylan I mean, but my parents, sometimes I find it hard to deal with my complex alone. D-man said that's ok Livi, we understand and are always here for you, I can recommend some people too if you need help. I said thanks, but I think I'm okay at the moment. I didn't actually know D had links to flat letting agencies, but it's good to know they've got my back.

God, I hope for one thing thing year ahead, and that's to be close to you. For you to be close to me. There's nothing constant in life apart from you. What a mad year it's been, I've got no idea what's in the year ahead. Apart from 365 days, that is. This one was 366, because it was a leap year. There have been Russians, Triathlons, microwaves, insteads, kids, quantum entangement, fans, marimbas, evil twins, more microwaves, work, no work, work again, friends, swimming, Mary's various occupations including duck hunting, even more microwaves, Mary learning to drive, Mr. Picnic, the falls, Samtsirhc, Mark my word at 5 to 5, penguins, walnut ladies, Zabimb Abacha and that other guy, stargazing, teriyaki, and a microwave on top. But all through this I think I've learned a thing or two, maybe even three, with your help. And I know that whatever comes, I can do another year with your help.

"Well S, time to set off the sparklers, I think, it's nearly 12 o'clock."

"Wait Livi, why are you going towards the kitchen?"

- Livi.