Well, I'm back to work today. Also I'm back to Sparrow Falls today. Also it's the last day of the year tomorrow, also known as New Year's Eve. That means today is, you guessed it, New Year's Steve. Happy New Year's Steve everyone! Yes, the tradition which you are obligated to do on an event ending with Steve is to make your own festivities. Christmas means sugar cookies, and New Year means fireworks. Therefore today I am making fireworks. What you need is tinfoil, a CD, several sparklers, and of course a door to hide behind.

Work is back, but nothing too crazy. I hear people in department stores are busy as they get all the return gifts, but well, with fresh produce there's not much to return. Maybe except for watermelons, I'd still return them if I got one for Christmas. Yep, all feels pretty back to normal. I talked to Markopolos and Lousiana about what they did for Christmas, and they asked me. It always seems to come and go so fast, but now I'm back. I drove actually part of the way back, Mary drove most. Good to be back in the Falls. And good to have my complex again.

I phoned the DLS, and all were doing well. We're planning to catch up on New Year's Eve, so I'll fill you in on more details tomorrow!

- Livi.