We had a great long last day together, me and Mom and Dad, and went for some icecream and gelato (I don't know what the difference is anyway, let's call it icelato) and Mary had a romp around the city, and we spent a good long time together. Then all of a sudden it was evening and I hadn't packed. So I started madly packing. Now, for those of you who know my packing method, you know that I could have used the twelfth letter of the alphabet here. But Mom and Dad gave me a hand. I also started cleaning up my room ready to go, piling everything in Mary's back seats, and scrambling about pretty madly, until all of a sudden Dad said

Wow Livi, you're really Russian.

I said what? Do you think? He said yes definitely, do you need a drink? I said yeah sure, and as I drank my lemonade I thought about my new nationality. I didn't say anything, but even Dad recognized it, so I guess it must be true. I am Russian. Livi the Russian. Yep. Potatoes and fur coats for me. Speaking of which, some of you were asking why I am down to 29 microwaves. Well, the reason is Mom. She told me to put a fork in my potatoes before I put them in the microwave, and so I did.

It was sad leaving Mom and Dad's place, I won't lie. We said goodbye, and knew it would probably be for a while. And as we drove off, I said to Mary, I'm sorry you have to leave the city too, I know you like the roads here. But she said no, they're too crowded. I said wait can you say that again? She said the roads are too crowded Mom, I can't drive anywhere I want to on the road. Also there are too many ducks. Well, there you go. So that makes 2 country pumpkins. Russian pumpkins, obviously.

As the city disappeared over the hills, I said to myself, well look God has placed me here in Sparrow Falls for a reason, and he's been using me already. And I know Mom and Dad are only a phone call away. Still, life is strange. I feel so many mixed feelings about everything, like leaving home and now leaving home again, and working in retail, and finding a place to live, and trying to make friends, and so many other things in life. But there's always been one constant through them all. And I'm grateful for him.

- Livi.